2(week 37) Tom Hu

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I’m back, I have arrived Seattle on September 19th. My friend Jack comes to pick me up at the airport. This is the second time I came here, so the only thing that I have to spend time to adapt is the time differences. When I get home, my landlady gave me the key and hand over some security things for me and my new roommates. My new roommates are nice, the one of them is from Spain and others are from US. After a while, my friend Bruce comes to my house chat with me then we went to a Thai restaurant and bought some articles for daily use. The second day I met with some my old friends, we went to the most famous Sichuan foods restaurant in Seattle for lunch. It’s really traditional. The first day of school is September 23th, the first thing that I do is to make an appointment for tutor, because last quarter, tutor really gives me a lot help. This weekend in China is the Mid-autumn Festival, my seven friends and I went to my friend’s apartment play uno, and it’s a kind of cards to play on the table, he got some moon cake, it’s a small party but we enjoy it. Today, I met with some Christian in a supermarket food area. They really nice and they showed the greatest patience to ask me some question; they like to practice their Chinese and I like to practice my English so we will have an informal discussion with them every Sunday, it’s a good news!

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