Week 19 (Tom Hu)

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        This week we finished group presentation, my group did very well I thought. On the presentation, we took about are we alone in the universe?In my opinion, I think we are alone in the universe because there is no proof that those “UFO sighting” have any connection in reality. The scientific evidence to support these claims doesn’t exist. Anyway, other two group member disagree with me, so we fierce debated on the stage, but it’s really interesting. Writting class, we have a lot quiz in this week. That’s all.

Week 18 (Tom Hu)

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        Next Monday we have group presentation on first class,so I went to school on Saturday afternoon to met my tutor to help me to prepare.  This week my homework is a little bit less than last week, but on the weekend still have a lot assignment I have to do. I felt that this week my life just in classrooms, library and house there point one line.(三点一线)I felt unusual bored, but maybe I will change my mind soon, because  NFL Super Bowl Sunday was coming, American always spends Super Bowl Sunday watching the big game.

Week 17 (Tom Hu)

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 This week is the busiest week since I came to Seattle, just same as Chinese public high school, I hardly had any time for exercise and watch movie or basketball game, only one thing I can do is do the homework. That’s horrible! On Wednesday, when I got home, I started writing until one o’clock in the morning, Cause I had total of six writing assignmnt due Thursday, when I finished, I was almost dead tired.. Although I am very tired, I think I improved my writing skill. On Friday, my first class teacher gave another six writing assignment to us again, but this assignment deadline is March 3th, however, I must force myself write once a week. I went to school basketball game for the second time yesterday. What a thrilling game, the winner was in doubt until the last minute. Although my school lost, this is a wonderful game, rival is a really good team province rank secound from East Seattle, my school was second from bottom, but my school was fearless during the game, all the players got a lot energy try to beat them. This is only one entertainment thing of the week. In short, this week is so busy, isn’t it?

Week 16 (Tom Hu)

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     This week is second week of this quarter,I felt very busy and very tired.  I met with my tutor this monday,  I can practice what ever I want, include speaking Grammar,reading and writing, so I think is very helpful and useful. In first class my teacher taught how to simple texting, like BRB=be right back, B4=before, LOL=laugh out loud and also learned where are you heading means where are you going, How come means why, That’s a bummer means That’s too bad or I’m sorry to hear about that, and so on. In second class, that teacher always give us a lot assignment to do. It’s very bored but I’m pretty sure it’s really help me to review and preview. This Friday is the most unfortunate day because I lost my Jacket, my cell phone and my wallet in GYM locker room. I was in a bad mood, I couldn’t find anything yet, but I was already renew my bank card,my ID and SIM card, so right now I am alright, I have to think so, If I didn’t loss these stuff, I mignt be get a big trouble. I must leave this things behind and turn over a new page of lives. Tomorrow still no school because tomorrow is Martin Luther King,Jr day.

Week 15 (Tom Hu)

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        This week is the first week of 15-16 winter quarter. I’m very excited but I felt really busy than last quarter. In the first day of school, I made some new friend from new class, but also have some same classmates from last quarter. First class is listening and speaking. The teacher is strict but is an awesome teacher.We can practice a lot oral English in her class, try to speak more clearly and fluently. My second class is grammar and writing class, schedule same as my last quarter. My second class teacher is a very experienced teacher. He taught more than 30 years and he is responsible for his work. He can speak Spanish and a little Japanese. In his class I will improve my writing skills and improve grammar by working on activities with reading and listening.

Week 12 (Tom Hu)

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This Tuesday we finished all final exam, I feel very relaxed cause I sailed through my exam.  I went to tutor office this Thurday, why so early because last quarter I try to got a tutor to help me improve english grammar and parctice oral english with me, but school didn’t found a tutor for me because all the tutor have student already, So this time I’m able to get a tutor next quarter. This weekend I and my friend went to supermarket, and eat lunch in Xi An noodle restaurant. I didn’t plan to go somewhere take a trip, I just will learn some english words and watch some American drama and film. I also will watch NBA Christmas big games.  So I wouldn’t write weekly record next two week , but if have any interesting matter,I will be back.  I hope your Christmas is wonderful in every way.

Week 11 (Tom Hu)

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This week is last week of this quarter. We review review review and exam exam exam. We did final presentation on Monday. Our group did very well, we got 19.5 points of total 20 points. Tuesday is last review day for school. Wednesday we take skip test but I didn’t pass. In my class nobody passed on that test. But I wasn’t discouraged. I still will take skip test next quarter. We took grammar class reading exam and vocab exam on Thursday. Friday we had party in class, we brought some snacks and some games for the party. But we aren’t begin a vacation yet, We speaking class final exam and grammar class final writing exam is on next Tuesday, So I have to review review review on this weekend.

Week 10 (Tom Hu)

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      Awesome! I and Bruce Ji traveld Portland during Thanksgiving holiday, Portland is a pretty good city, convenient traffic , city train can go anywhere you want. We visited Oregon convention center, Washington park, international Rose park, Zoo, China town/old town, Pioneer place, Llyod center and moda center. Thursday afternoon when we arrived Seattle train station, They told us the train was broken, so we have to take bus go there. 9 pm we arrived Portland, first thing It was we need to figure out where is the hotel we reservation. It’s pretty smoothly, We take city train almost 5 minutes to get there. Friday 5 am we get up and went shopping to Pioneer plase and Llyod center mall until 2 pm. We was very hungry then we went to China town ate dinner, Chinese food is really delicious!7 pm! That is the most exciting part for me. NBA game!! Portland Trail Blazers VS Memphis Grizzlies. It was a good game but Unfortunately Portland lost. Saturday morning We went to Washington park by city train, A lot plant and some musume in there, international Rose park is in park too, when we finish visited park, we walked to Zoo because Zoo is neer by park, really close, just walked 3 minutes to get there. 4 pm we take train go back Seattle. Awesome travel!Awesome week!

Week 9 (Tom Hu)

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       Next week is review week, so this week we finish last chapter. I sign up an activity called food drive volunteer, It’s mean we go to some supermarket try to raise some food for contribute. but I don’t even know what’s wrong with school, just let us waited 40 minutes then told us food drive has been cancelled.Week <wbr>9(Tom <wbr>Hu)I am so confused. Then I and my friends just went to GYM play basketball.  I think just basketball can make me forgot everything every vexed. when I finshed play basketball, I feel really relax. Basketball never stop! Next Thursday is Thanks giving day, I am glad that I am going to Portland on Thanks giving. I wish everybody will have a great Thanks giving hoilday.

Week 7 (Tom Hu)

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    This tuesday we had presentation for each group,we have to make powerpoint and talk about other country culture,my group chose Italy,I am responsible for talk Italy foods and drink. and my partners is talk building, bussiness and greeting. I think we did well on presentation,but if have next time,we can do it better than this time. this week we didn’t have quiz, because on thursday, three classes students watched movie together, and we have movie reflection for weekend homework. On wednesday, in GYM, they organized a basketball game, I really enjoyed it. Next monday advisor will come class to meet with us. and break on tuesday because tuesday is Vterans day.

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