Week 25(Tom Hu)

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      We have completed all the final exams this week and started spring break. In fact, I feel very unhappy, because I did not pass my second class final writing exam. I failed mean I failed, there is no excuse. Excuses are for those who need them. I try my best to make up my grammar, reading and vocabulary grades, in fact, I made it. I feel very well until the teacher sent me an e-mail concerning the final writing test. I know the final writing is very important, but I passed all the in-class writing practices, so I did not spend too much time to prepare, and then I got a huge problem, I do not pass. What is waiting for me? It’s I have to repeat this class next quarter. I will also take a special writing class to improve my writing. I am going to start study TOEFL by myself, I plan to take the TOEFL test in June.

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