Week 35 (Tom Hu)

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  First of all, congratulations to Cleveland and Golden state. Both of them won the Eastern and Western conference finals. So they will play on NBA 2014—2015 season Final !!That’ a big stage and I can’t wait. Some friends asked me who are gonna win championship? Obviously I said Lebron’s Cavs. There are some reasons explain why I said this. First, Lebron and his teammates get more experience than Stephen Curry and his teammates. Lebron is going to  consecutive his five years to enter the finals. He knows how to play basketball in final, how to let teammates move the ball, how important when they team play good defense. In contrast, Lebron is a better leader than Stephen Curry . You can see, when Kevin Love is out of the season and Kyrie also can’t play some times cause his left knee injury. How Lebron lead his teammates to still play good game and stay confidence. He try to give everything that he had only for one goal that is win the game. I am not saying that Golden state is a loser, they are good team, but Cleveland is better. Let’s see what happen. This week is our review week, we can ask our teacher any questions that we don’t know. Final texts begin this Wednesday. On Wednesday we will have first writing final exam and on Thursday we will have final grammar test. Also, if someone who are not pass first writing final, they can get second chance to write on next Monday. Next Wednesday is our last day of this quarter, we will have reading final test on that day. By the way, My TOEFl test is coming soon. It’s on this Saturday. God, too many test on this two weeks… I am ready to facing difficulties.


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